Innocents of the Humble Kingdom

Mashujaa meets Mathare_-20Mashujaa meets Mathare_-22Mashujaa meets Mathare_-23Mashujaa meets Mathare_-26Mashujaa meets Mathare_-80Mashujaa meets Mathare_-107Mashujaa meets Mathare_-117Mashujaa meets Mathare_-2Mashujaa meets Mathare_-3Mashujaa meets Mathare_-10Mashujaa meets Mathare_-78Mashujaa meets Mathare_-88Mashujaa meets Mathare_-97Mashujaa meets Mathare_-103Mashujaa meets Mathare_-116Mashujaa meets Mathare_-126Mashujaa meets Mathare_-138Mashujaa meets Mathare_-132Mashujaa meets Mathare_-75Mashujaa meets Mathare_-18

Happy, cheerful, goofy, confident, playful, friendly, curious, energetic, honest, loud, carefree, sweet, kind, clever, lovable, delightful, mischievous, cute, innocent, angelic, noisy, little, funny, brave and trusting. These are some of the words that come to mind when we are describing children.

This project was aimed at bringing out those exact traits.

Many thanks to the Afrinaladi team for enabling this project to come to life.

Location: Mlango Kubwa – Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya.



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