Epic Rider of Kibera

I attended a Photo Exhibition and Music Video launch, No Touch Am, on 30th November 2017 at Prokraft Africa, a studio and gallery in Nairobi. The brains behind this phenomenal project were Kenyan creatives Osborne Macharia (photographer), Andrew Mageto (videographer and assistant photographer), Kevo Abbra (stylist), musicians Blinky Bill and Nneka (Nigerian), in partnership with the African Artists’ Foundation (Lagos).

The setup for starters was otherworldly. It was like being in a tropical rainforest. To get you completely immersed in the artwork displayed, we were handed wireless headphones emitting sound effects of trickling water and chirping birds, as one feasted their eyes on some mind-boggling images of men and beasts.

It is here that I got to meet one of the stars of the music video, Baqteria. He has one of those looks that immediately grab your attention. From the get-go, I knew he would make for an interesting subject matter.

We got to talking about how he came to be in the No Touch Am video and in the process I also got to learn that he is a man of many talents. From Electrical Engineering to Motorbike stunting to Construction.

Epic Rider of Kibera 2
A reflection of Baqteria from the side mirror of his motorcycle
Epic Rider of Kibera 3
A section of Kamkunji Area in Kibera as seen from a broken window at the Kibera Town Centre. This is where Baqteria has called home for all his life.
Epic Rider of Kibera 4
Baqteria catches up with his fellow riders as they enjoy a good hearty laugh.
Epic Rider of Kibera 5
Curious school children gather around Baqteria and his motorbike
Epic Rider of Kibera 6
A mural plastered on a wall in Soweto, Kibera. On top lies the Southern bypass
Epic Rider of Kibera 7
The ever-changing Nairobi skyline as seen from Kibera
Epic Rider of Kibera 8
Baqteria admires himself on the mirror of a local barbershop where he gets his hair cut
Epic Rider of Kibera 9
Baqteria poses inside one of his favorite hangout spots in Kibera. An electronics shop that specializes in sound systems and lighting equipment.
Epic Rider of Kibera
Baqteria poses outside his neighborhood Kamkunji in Kibera


Watch the video here:


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