Archer’s Post-Loyangalani

At the start of 2017, I promised myself that I would finally tick Turkana County off my bucket list; and sure enough, I did. Well, to some extent…

I figured I would pay the place a visit when a major event was taking place, and what better time than during the annual Lake Turkana Cultural Festival. Being predominantly an extrovert, I am very impulsive. I wasted no time and immediately booked a spot with Jambo African Adventures, who seemed to have a great itinerary for the 6-day trip, at a pocket-friendly price.

We would spend our first night at Archer’s Post in Samburu County, drive up to Loyangalani-Marsabit County the following day and, spend 3 nights there. On the 5th day, we would then head to Ngare Ndare Forest for one last camping trip, before finally making our way back to Nairobi. Can you believe that I paid only Kes. 35,500 (roughly $355), inclusive of 3 meals per day and accommodation?

At Sabache Eco Camp, where we spent our first night, you can either choose to camp (you will have to carry your own tent and sleeping bag), if you are feeling adventorus, or stay in the classic safari tents. If you choose the former option, be wary of scorpions and safari ants crawling all over. There are lots of activities to indulge in during the day, including bush walks, guided game drives and hiking Mt. Ololokwe. If you are fortunate enough, you’ll spot an elephant or two while at it. But that should not worry you since you will be in the safe hands of Samburu warriors.

Mt. Ololokwe at a distance. At the heart of this mountain is where we would camp for the night while at Archer’s Post.


Taking in the view from a ntalet,(Samburu for view-point). Would you believe that somewhere down was there an elephant browsing?


This is Ian. He is a student at Chuka University doing his undergraduate course in Education. Over the holidays, he helps out at Sabache Eco Camp.


Photographed are Lilduata and Lonorkerna, together with their 4 camels. These camels, all male, run up and down Mt. Ololokwe every morning in preparation for the Camel Derby, which takes places every year in Maralal.


Dipa is the proud owner of Sabache Eco Camp. Doesn’t he somewhat resemble our first president, The Late Jomo Kenyatta? I tend to think so.


This was the last we saw of tarmac, before hitting a never-ending murram road.


The Lake Turkana Wind Farm located in Sarima, comprises of 365 wind turbines. Full installation and commissioning of the wind power project is to be done by June, 2017.


I met Alison during my trip. She is a financial consultant who helps start ups here in Kenya. She’s lived in Nakuru, Nanyuki and Nairobi for close to 4 years now.


I met this beautiful Rendille girl, Legoyia Nguta, while I was watching the sunset in Loyangalani.


The colours at twilight were something else. They lingered for a good 45 minutes.

This was only the beginning of what will forever go down as one of my best travel expeditions :-).



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    Through your adventure I am learning a lot and I truly admire your work. You are a real go-getter – keep it up ! -.


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