Camp Kichakani


It has been a minute since I shared my travel experiences with you guys. Worry not, I’m back! I missed you too :D!!

This past weekend I was off camping in Nyahururu, courtesy of Safina. You might remember her from the Longonot post I did some time back. This woman is just thee bomb dot com. She really outdid herself this time round. I am looking forward to the future camping trips, which fortunately, will be happening on a monthly basis. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!! *insert happy dance here*

We set out for Nyahururu at 8:30 am on Saturday and 3 hours later, we were at our first stop, the Thomson Falls. It was actually my first time there so I was pretty stoked about it. We were welcomed by a group of ladies who were eager to sell us some hand-crafted ornaments, including beaded necklaces, bracelets and key chains. There were quite a number of people as well who had come hiking at the place, including primary and secondary school students. There’s an entrance fee of Kshs. 50 for adult citizens and Kshs. 20 for children. The fee is fair enough for non-citizens as well, where adults and children pay Kshs. 200 and Kshs.100 respectively.

There was a stench that met us as we walked through the gates. We later realized that it was as a result of pollution at the waterfalls. As a result, the waters are also discoloured, but it is only noticeable at the foot of the river :-(. Nonetheless, it was quite the sight to behold :-).

As we trekked through, we came across some locals dressed in traditional Kikuyu regalia and artistically painted body art. They were willing to have their photographs taken, for a small fee. Totally worth every coin if I may add.

Camp Kichakani

As we continued with our hike, which was hastened by the fact that there were steps all the way down (PHEW!), I met some children who were on their way back up, carry firewood. I couldn’t help but get a shot of them, after getting their consent ofcourse. The pieces of wood are from already fallen trees.

Camp Kichakani-9

The walk down was very easy and hustle free. It took us 30 minutes to get to the very bottom. We could help taking portraits along the way, especially because of how green and lush it was.

Camp Kichakani-13

Camp Kichakani-15

LO AND BEHOLD… *drum rolls* the famous Thomson Falls, in the flesh :-D!

Camp Kichakani-5

It was very windy and cold since the waters were falling at a really high speed. To add insult to an injury, it started raining. This made it really difficult to photograph. We were really determined to get some shots of the waterfalls so, we opted to shelter under a nearby tree, as we waited for the weather to clear up.

Camp Kichakani-19

There’s not much to see at the bottom other than the falls so we were well on our back up.

Camp Kichakani-20

Camp Kichakani-22

I managed to do a long exposure of the waterfalls as well, with the help of an ND filter, since it was really bright :-).

Camp Kichakani-31

We were back on the road, this time on our way to Kichakani Lodge, where we would be camping for the night. The lodge is 7 kms from the main road and is adjacent Lake Olbolosat. As we were about to setup our tents, it began to pour. Luckily, it was short-lived. Soon after, we took a stroll to the lakeside to try catch the sunset, which was a no-show as we came to find out later.

Camp Kichakani-38

The landscape here was winning
The landscape here was winning

Nightfall was now with us. Kitchen duties were assigned, with the men being given the responsibility of cooking ugali and grilling meat (nyamachoma) whereas the ladies prepared kachumari, veggies and pilau. Five star hotel meals I tell you. It didn’t feel like camping honestly. After indulging, some guys hit the dancefloor (yes we even had a place to boogie the night away), while others opted to sit by the fireplace and just relax. Can you believe there were people who went to bed AT 10 PM :-O!! Hahahaha.

At around midnight, we noticed the skies had cleared and ALAS!The stars were with us *GIGGIDY*.

Camp Kichakani-72

We decided to play with fire… LITERALLY 😀

Light painting
Light painting

Some of us decided to call it a night at 2am while others opted to stay up. At about 5:20 am we were awaken by the sounds of tents being kicked and dew falling on our faces as a result. All that for the sake of catching the sunrise. Smh! Photographers have no chills :-/

The sky was on F.I.R.E
The sky was on F.I.R.E
The light spread all the way to the back
The light spread all the way to the back
Wouldn't you want to wake up to this every morning?
Wouldn’t you want to wake up to this every morning?
Pure bliss I tell you
Pure bliss I tell you

That was a very well spent weekend. I can’t wait for the next trip.


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