A little piece of Heaven

We all have that one or two places we like to go to whenever we want to get away from the madness of the world; away from the hustle and bustle of the fast moving City life, away from our hectic 8 to 5 jobs. For me one of those places is Naivasha town.

Naivasha town is situated to the North West of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, and takes one about 1.5 to 2 hours by road to get there.It is well known for its agricultural background, specifically floriculture. There over 30 flower farms in the area, including Oserian and Finlays. It also has other tourist attraction sites such as Hell’s Gate National Park, Mount Longonot National Park, Lake Naivasha and various hotel resorts. Of late the town has been quite windy and as a result there have been numerous dust storms cropping up. Nevertheless, it is a magnificent place to visit as it has plenty to offer.

The lakeside has got to be my favorite place in Naivasha. It is home to hippopotamuses, fish such as tilapia and crustaceans like crayfish. It is undoubtedly thee best place to watch the sunset in my opinion.

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-2

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-9

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-11

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-3

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-14

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-20

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-21

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-22

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-6

Lake Naivasha sunsets pics-28


36 thoughts on “A little piece of Heaven

  1. Ann WANJUI says:

    I like, I like and I like… Very breathtaking and am learning a lot from your works, keep them coming.


  2. lisa wanjiru says:

    I love love what you are doing…very beautiful pictures. Amazing work Nimu. Looking forward to seeing more


  3. Fowee says:

    Those pics are breathtaking pumpkin… Love them!!! 😍😍
    Keep it up… And keep them coming 😊


  4. Renaldo says:

    Nice pics. Perhaps you should include places to stay for people interested in hotels, camping or those who are on a day trip. Something like things to do and places to visit


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